Monday, August 3, 2009

Such an amazing email...

I received this WONDERFUL email tonight from Chanelle. Her wedding teasers are posted just below this entry!

"John you are the absolute greatest! From what we've seen from the sneak peeks we are so anxious to see the final product, but more importantly we are so grateful to have met you. The way you worked with us through the course of our preparation was invaluable and it meant so much to us. You are a great person and helped bring so much joy to our event. Your work is awesome and if there is anything we can do to help you and your growing business please give us the word. Of all our vendors and in some cases participants of the wedding, you stood out among the best. We are appreciative of your effort to make our day special and WE LOVE THE PHOTOS!!!! Stay in touch and we look forward to seeing the pictures and you again! - Chanelle & Grant"

It means so much to me when I receive compliments like this! :) How about one more teaser for the beautiful bride?! I took this while she was getting her makeup done and it is one of my favorite images so far! Enjoy...

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