Friday, August 28, 2009

Caitlin & John

Usually when I'm shooting a wedding and that 8th or 9th hour comes along I can't wait to get in my car, walk in my apartment, roll on the living room floor with my dog, jump on the bed, kiss my wife goodnight and fall asleep. This time around things were a little bit different. I was actually so bummed when the wedding was over! I have only met Caitlin & John a total of three times but I have talked to Caitlin many times over the Internet. Facebook anyone?! Ever since we met for their engagement session I could not wait to shoot the big day! They got married at the Branford House in Groton, CT which is near the Mystic Seaport. GORGEOUS VENUE! It's basically a massive mansion with a beautiful lawn right on the ocean (overlooking Long Island Sound to be exact) Linette joined me on this adventure and took some amazing pictures! I just love it when she comes with me! :) We started the day at the Mystic Marriott where both Caitlin & John got ready in separate rooms. We then headed over to the Branford House where I basically had to jump out of the car while it was still rolling since we got a little bit lost on the way over and then on top of it hit some wonderful construction traffic on the main highway. The ceremony was beautiful! They even had a really great woman playing the harp off to the side which definitely added to the atmosphere. The reception was just as great and the DJ had everyone dancing the entire night away. I got to work with some really great vendors including: Mike Connolly DJ (A+) Inspiration In Motion Videography (A+) and Lynda from Details Wedding & Party Planning (A+) If you are in the CT area or even Massachusetts I highly recommend checking them out! I cannot wait to finish up these images for Caitlin and I'm excited that we are making three albums for her! I hope to see the both of them again in the future! Stay tuned for more updates...

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