Thursday, April 17, 2014

Katie & Matt - Engaged! - Downtown Portsmouth, NH

When Katie and Matt both told me to meet them at a bar in downtown Portsmouth, NH for their engagement shoot I immediately knew that this would be a fun night! They had booked me without meeting me so this would also be the first time that we would all meet. Always a little scary because you definitely want to hit it off with your photographer. Personality wise not emotionally haha! What a GREAT time we had! I don't think we stopped talking from the first image to their last kiss of the night right in the middle of downtown Portsmouth, NH with the street lamps sparkling in the background. Portsmouth, NH offers so many amazing scenes for any kind of portrait session. From the water to the bridges to the boats and ending in the middle of the square you really can't beat it. Plus there are plenty of places to eat when you are done! Matt is an officer in the Navy and I cannot thank him enough for his wonderful service. They will both be moving out of state in the coming weeks but will be back for their beautiful fall wedding in Maine at The Red Barn at Outlook Farm and I cannot wait! :) Here are some awesome samples from their engagement shoot just last week!

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