Thursday, April 8, 2010

Amanda & Joe

Ever since I met Amanda & Joe last year I have been looking forward to their wedding day! I'll never forget shooting their engagement pictures either because it was one of my favorite sessions to date! The WONDERFUL couple got married on the HOTTEST day of 2010 at Stow Acres Country Club in Stow, MA. This of course happens to be one of my favorite golf courses to play in Massachusetts. Do I arrive early, play nine holes and show up at the wedding all sweaty and disgusting? Maybe not! :P Amanda had done a bunch of DIY wedding projects which really paid off as everything was beautiful and perfectly themed together. The ceremony was done indoors by a friend which I always like because it ends up being really fun and emotional at the same time! My wife is probably laughing at me now once she reads this! After the ceremony we headed outdoors to shoot some formals along with some really great intimate shots of the bride and groom alone. We also shot from sunset pictures just after dinner before getting the party started! The reception was very fun and everyone seemed to be having a blast! Amanda & Joe even set up a DIY photo booth which really got a lot of use and ended up being great for me since I was able to capture some very fun candid photographs. To be honest with you I'm bummed that their wedding is over with but I guess I'll still have to bug them from time to time on Facebook! I'm very happy for the both of them and their families! I cannot wait for them to return home from their honeymoon as their pictures are already completed! Enjoy...

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  1. Your pictures came out fabulous!! From what you have allowed us to see that is......grrr! lol Thanks for making their day so much fun and being around every corner!
    Joey's Mom