Monday, July 6, 2009

Jesse & Joseph - Engaged!

On Sunday I had the great pleasure of shooting the engagement pictures for Jesse & Joseph. I have worked with Jesse a few times in the past shooting her modeling pictures and I couldn't wait to work with her again once I heard she was engaged! We shot at the campus of Boston College where both Jesse and Joseph go to school. The weather was amazing and we really had some perfect lighting to work with. There was actually another photographer there shooting engagement pictures for another happy couple. They happen to walk by us while I was laying on the ground trying to get some really creative angles so that made for a great first impression! :) We spent about an hour and a half walking around campus and did three different outfit changes. I'm really happy with the pictures and I hope to work with Jesse more in the future once school calms down for her. I've had such a busy weekend and I've got a long week of picture editing ahead of me! Another wedding coming up on Saturday... Stay tuned! :)

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