Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mehgann & Joe

This weekend we had the wedding of Mehgann and Joe. Mehgann had booked with me back when my business was still very new and I have been looking forward to her wedding for a while now. The ceremony was held in Holden, Mass and the reception was at the American Legion hall in Worcester, Mass. Their ceremony was great and it featured a very well put together slideshow presentation. The wedding party was very fun to be around and Linette and I had such a great time documenting their big day. It was awesome to finally meet Mehgann and Joe and I'm excited to get these pictures done for the both of them. I posted some samples above for everyone to take a peek at :-) The rest of them will be added to my website as I complete them! Only one more wedding to go before our own big day... I can't believe how quickly April has come! Also we have a few non wedding shoots coming up in March... Stay tuned!

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  1. JOHN! You are amazing. :] I'm even more excited to have you at our wedding after seeing these photos... It's like your camera is a portal to a magical world where the lighting and colors are always perfect (or come out that way in the end.) It's like I said- "I have the blurry, cockeyed version of every photo John took, from a few inches over to the right hahaha."

    Awesome, awesome, awesome.